Content Strategy Essentials

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1. Where to find ideas for your next posts - Here you'll learn how define your signature topics and how to use various search functions for guided results

2. Outlining your content - The goal of your post is the larger business initiative that this piece of content will support. We'll look through your desired results for your business by creating, publishing, and sharing content.

3. Key points on creating - With the foundations of your content in place, filling out the post is the next step. How will you lead your audience from the promise at the start of the piece to the end result, inspiring them to take action by the time they’ve read the last sentence?

4. How to promote your content - Inside of this section, you will learn how one piece of content can translate to different platforms to increase your reach and results and to allow you to savour long-term success with what you create.

5. Refine the Process - Here we're sharing our strategies to effectively batch work for efficiency and a look at how to use your data to make content creation decisions.

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