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March 30, 2023

3 Big Tips for Launching a New Product, Service or Website


Launching a new product, service or website is one of the most exciting steps in the entrepreneurial journey. It marks a major milestone – the culmination of hours of hard work and dedication. But launching your product correctly is just as important as creating it in the first place. Here are three big tips that will help ensure you launch with success.


1. Build Anticipation

The key to a successful launch is building anticipation before you ever hit ‘publish’. This means engaging with your audience before the day of launch and giving them sneak peeks of what’s coming. Try creating video teasers that share snippets of the product, hosting Q&A sessions on social media and offering discounts for people who pre-order. This will create excitement around your product and get people more invested in its success from day one.


2. Have Your Website Ready

Nothing can kill the enthusiasm of potential customers faster than an incomplete website or clunky ordering process, so make sure you have everything ready for launch day – including your website. If you don’t feel comfortable designing and coding a site yourself, consider hiring a professional web designer to ensure your site looks polished and professional from day one. Don’t forget to include key elements like an ‘about us’ page, contact information, clear navigation menus and multiple payment options if you plan on selling products online.


3. Promote Your Launch Everywhere

Once your product is ready to launch, it’s time to promote it everywhere! Start by sharing information about your new venture on social media (be sure to use relevant hashtags) and emailing past customers so they know what’s coming up next. You can also take advantage of paid advertising options such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads if budget allows – this can help give your campaign extra reach at minimal cost per click when done correctly! Finally, don’t forget to tell everyone in person – word-of-mouth promotion still works wonders!


Launching a new product, service or website doesn’t have to be overwhelming – but it does take planning and preparation if you want it to be successful! Building anticipation beforehand helps create buzz around what’s coming up next; having a polished website ready for launch day ensures potential customers aren’t turned away by technical issues; finally, promoting your venture everywhere helps spread the word far and wide about what you’re offering! Take these tips into account when launching your next big venture! For a wealth of information regarding building anticipating and promoting your launch, be sure to checkout the Content Strategy Lab which covers this in detail, has multiple examples and ready to use copy and paste templates for promoting your launch!


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