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March 7, 2023
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5 Easy Tips to Focus on Your Productivity to Reap More Rewards


As a business owner, I know how first hand how important productivity is for success, business success is largely determined by how effective you are at managing your time within the workplace,  don’t let precious minutes and hours slip away without reward! Unlocking enhanced productivity can be achieved with some simple strategies – make sure to give yourself a competitive advantage in business by developing high levels of efficiency, focus, and organisation using our easy guides for entrepreneurs, freelancers or small businesses alike.

This guide guarantees to free up your time by eliminating tedious tasks and allowing you to hone in on the aspects of work that make a real difference. So, let go of any worries about mundane day-to-day operations – this guide has got it covered! So, let’s dive in and start boosting your productivity today!


Construct a Productive Workspace

As a busy bee business owner, creating an organised and productive workspace is essential for maximising your potential. Stop wasting time drowning in clutter – it’s time to give yourself the tools you need to achieve success! Let’s dive into this guide so we can get things staying neat and orderly – freeing up more of that precious work-time for what really matters.

Here are a few tips to help you declutter and organise your workspace:

  • Start with a clean slate: Remove everything from your workspace and start fresh.
  • Create a system: Designate a specific place for everything, and label storage containers or shelves to help you stay organised.
  • Get rid of what you don’t need: Be honest with yourself about what you need and what you don’t. If you haven’t used something in months, it’s time to get rid of it.
  • Minimise distractions: Remove any unnecessary items from your workspace that may distract you from your work.


A clean, organised workspace can have many benefits, such as:

  • Increased productivity: A clean workspace can help you to focus on the task at hand and get more work done.
  • Reduced stress: A cluttered workspace can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety. A clean workspace, on the other hand, can help you to feel more calm and in control.
  • Improved creativity: An organised workspace can help to stimulate creativity and encourage new ideas.

By following these simple tips, you can create a workspace that fosters productivity, creativity, and success.


Take a step back and cast an eye over your workspace! How tidy is it? Does its charm warrant no more than a three or can you proudly score yourself full marks of 10? If it’s not quite where you want to be yet don’t worry – with just some simple steps you could create the perfect productive paradise for all your work needs.

Calendar Blocking

Planning is key for success! Calendar blocking helps you stay on track and make the most of your day by scheduling specific chunks of time to focus on tasks, eliminating distractions or procrastination. In an age where so much vies for our attention, it’s essential that we use pre-emptive tactics like calendar blocking to ensure every hour has its purpose.

Maximise your productivity with these handy calendar blocking tips…

  • To get the most out of your life, set achievable objectives and be explicit about what you want to achieve in every period–no wishy-washiness here!
  • Give your to-do list a twist of colour! Make use of hues to identify different tasks and activities – it’s an easy way to keep track, while adding some vibrancy in the process.
  • Our lives demand a lot of us – but by being flexible, cleverly scheduling breaks and reserving time for ourselves we can avoid the pitfalls that come with burnout. With some savvy routine adjustments, you’ll be able to keep at your peak performance!
  • Control your time and conquer distractions – use a timer or stopwatch to help you stay focused!
  • Don’t let the pursuit of perfection hold you back from a more productive lifestyle. Follow your schedule but adjust when needed; it’s OK to be human and bend those rules!


It’s no secret that the daily grind can be a bit of a struggle – but with some savvy calendar blocking, you could make your workday feel more like clockwork! By strategically scheduling tasks and branching out to newly organised horizons, you’ll soon find yourself managing time better than ever before. Get ready for newfound productivity!


Prioritise and Plan

When it comes to productivity, you don’t want to just be busy – you want to be effective. By identifying your top priorities and directing your energy towards them, you can make sure that the most essential tasks don’t get lost in a sea of other unimportant activities – so maximise those precious moments!

How to identify and set priorities

If you want to get the most out of your time and energy, don’t just focus on any old task – pick ones with real clout! Determine what tasks will have a major impact in pushing your goals forward. Then make sure those are given top priority status – for maximum results without minimal effort!


Got too much to do? Put it on your “to-do” list! Start with every task you have and place them in order of importance – that way, when the pressures rises, you can stay focused on what’s most important. Taking charge is easy so conquer those tasks at a glance.

If you want to reach your goals quickly, try the 80/20 rule. It’s like a superpower – by focusing on just 20% of the work, you can get incredible results! You’ll be surprised how much productivity and success this simple trick brings.


Got 24 hours on the clock and a business to advance? It’s time for some hustle! To get ahead in less than one day, prioritize these three tasks like your livelihood depends on it – because it just might. Tick off each goal with an even more impressive result along the way. Get ready to make powerful progress tomorrow!


Minimise Distractions

The digital age has turned us into an easily distracted bunch. Our phones, computers and inboxes relentlessly bombard us with notifications – leading many of our productivity efforts astray! Today’s challenge is to stay focused despite the tug of these constant interruptions.

Common distractions and how to avoid them


Put your productivity in the fast lane and don’t let these common distractions hold you back – surfing social media, endless scrolling, non-stop texting… With some conscious effort on your part they can become a thing of the past!

  • Social Media: Take a timeout from the virtual world–social media can be like quicksand sucking up your time. Pause notifications or dedicate specific chunks of each day to scrolling through all those posts and updates!
  • Trying to tackle an overflowing inbox? It may be time to break up with that pesky email and take a structured approach. Rather than checking your emails around the clock, set timed intervals throughout the day – it’ll help you manage distractions in no time!
  • Meetings can be like a time-suck, but if approached with the right tools and techniques they don’t have to drag on forever. When considering whether or not it’s worth your while, ask yourself: ‘Do I really need this meeting – and how far off track will it go?’ Before committing, consider requesting an agenda ahead of time to ensure you’re making use of every minute!
  • Feeling like you’re juggling too much all at once? Ditch the multitasking and switch to mono-tasking; completing one task before moving onto the next. Plus, focusing on a single thing allows for higher productivity, better quality of work – what’s not to love!


Here are some tips to help you knock out those pesky interruptions and keep your eye on the prize:

  • Stop the distractions! Put your notifications on mute and give yourself an uninterrupted opportunity to get things done.
  • Transform your environment into a Zen-like space free from distractions. Turn off the TV, power down your phone and get rid of any other potential time wasters for maximum productivity!
  • Keep your focus in check even when the environment around you is chaotic – noise-cancelling headphones are your secret weapon to productivity!
  • Putting your feet up to take a break might be the answer you need to get through that marathon meeting or tough project. Healing moments of restorative calm can help refresh and recharge the mind, so don’t underestimate the power of taking 5-10 minutes off every hour!


Looking for ways to stay focused in the face of alluring (yet time-sucking) distractions? Identify what’s getting between you and your productivity, then take steps towards curbing them!


Focus on taking Breaks

Who knew that taking your feet off the gas for a few minutes could actually be just what you need to rev up productivity? Studies have shown there’s much more to breaks than stretching our legs – they can help restore mental energy and prevent burnout. A mid-day breather really is like hitting the reset button: refreshing both body and mind so we’re ready to tackle any task at hand!

Types of breaks to take:

Need a break? We can all use one! Whether you opt for quick, frequent breaks or longer ones – make sure to find what works best for YOU. Take your pick between grabbing some fresh air outside, stretching those muscles with a micro workout, going on brain breaks like reading magazines/books and even indulging in something sweet-like taking five minutes of snack time!

  • Get the party started – stretch your muscles and give yourself an energizing boost! A few minutes of stretching can work wonders for revving up your engine.
  • Take a break in the great outdoors! Enjoy some much-needed vitamin D and invigorating fresh air.
  • Take a break from the mundane and spend some time with yourself! Get your mind in gear through meditation, power up for deep breathing exercises, or go into warrior mode with a quick yoga session.
  • Take a quick break from the daily grind and connect with an acquaintance for some stimulating conversation over coffee. It’s sure to refresh your mind, energize you, and give you that extra boost!


If you’re in need of a breather, but want to make sure it’s well spent – here are some tips for making the most out of your break. With just a few simple steps, you can fully refresh and feel ready-to-rock!

  • Disconnect: Don’t just put away your laptop, say goodbye to anything work-related like emails or social media. Take that time for yourself and enjoy the digital detox—you deserve it!
  • Rev up your motor — shake off the stiffness and get those veins purring! Move around to stay agile, alert, and ready for action.
  • Take a break from the 9 to 5 and let your brain muscles relax with some stimulating activity. Lose yourself in an engrossing book, lose track of time while immersing in your favorite tunes, or challenge yourself with a puzzle that will leave you feeling accomplished.
  • Make it your daily ritual: Set a reminder to treat yourself with regular breaks from work. That’ll make sure you stay motivated and give yourself the deserved R&R!


Trying to figure out how to get the most bang for your break? Taking regular pauses throughout your day can help boost productivity and make it a habit. So what’s the type of break that works best?


Let’s recap

To stay productive, don’t let the chaos of your workspace get in the way—keep it neat and organised! Set clear priorities for each day so that distractions can be avoided. Then make sure to give yourself a much-needed break every so often – block off time on your calendar if needed. That’s how you’ll slay those tasks like a champ!


Ready to make your work regimen sizzle? Put these tips into practice and success will be yours! Make an intentional effort every day with consistent action – you’ll find that building a productive habit this way is the key. So get going, because it’s time for serious productivity!


At the Academy, we’re passionate about helping businesses like yours grow and succeed. Whether you need course content for building website or social media platforms, we’ve got you covered. Visit our website at to learn more about how we can support your business with high-quality education content.


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