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May 12, 2022
hack instagram

5 Must have tools to help you hack Instagram


Let’s talk about Instagram for a moment, we know its hard and we hear your frustrations of struggling to crack the code and figure out an app that is constantly evolving and changing. But, these tools I’m about to share with you… They just might make it all feel a lot more manageable with these 5 must have tools to help you hack Instagram.

1. Lightroom Mobile

This free app is an awesome tool to have when it comes to hack Instagram. It’s super easy to navigate and very intuitive. It’s simple to make small edits to images you’re not quite ready to post and if you aren’t feeling the Instagram filters there are plenty more built in.

2. Tailwind 

This app can not only help you with posting and scheduling your IG posts and stories but also Facebook and Pinterest posts. You’re able to layout all of your posts in a grid or calendar mode so you can gain an understanding of they’ll look in your feed when posted.

3. Unfold 

It’s no secret that instagram stories and reels can result in some of the best audience engagement but it can often be so time consuming building design branded stories or reels. Unfold is a free app for story tellers that offer a huge number of story templates with collections to help you share your content in professional and visually appealing way.

4. Pexels 

If you’ve ever sat down and wondered where on earth you’re going to write about and want a professional, curated image to match it then look no further than Pexels. This free library of stock images allows you to search by colour scheme, subject matter and build your own customised searches based on your brand.

5. Canva

Canva is amazing free platform that can used be to create professional graphic design posts, customised templates, scheduled Pinterest posts or basically anything design based.
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  1. Edward says:

    Amazing article, very insightful 🙌


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