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June 8, 2021
Weekly Action Plan for Social Media

Weekly Action Plan for Social Media


When we first start out in any business it’s now a given that you need a strong weekly action plan for your social media account to help deliver confidence to your end users or customers.

Try and introduce each of these prompts once a week to build a strategic & intentional social media feed to build your following, develop more meaningful interactions with your fan base and ultimately grow your business.


1. Ask your audience a targeted question

Ask your followers their opinions on a certain topic. Something that gets them to think, allows them to express something they care about or makes them curious to read the other responses. Make sure that it covers a topic on social media that is of interest to your target audience.


2. Talk about what you’re actually selling

People don’t really buy products, essentially they buy solutions to something they want to achieve or overcome. Intentionally verbalise the problem you are solving or the ultimate benefit (not just the features of your product or service). This can sometimes be made easier by working backwards and asking yourself the question, “why would someone buy my product or service? What are they really trying to achieve or experience by spending money with me?”


3. Teach them something unique to you

Whats your superpower that you can teach to the world that is totally unique to you and can add value to their lives? What is it your audience cares about or what can you bring to their lives that might make it more enjoyable or easier? It doesn’t have to be directly linked to your product or service but it should be valuable to your target audience that they engage or agree with it.


4. Reveal something authentic to your audience

Social media today is always crying out for genuine connections with brands or people they follow. They love knowing there is a real living person behind the social feed with all the real life ups and downs that come with being human.


5. Share a behind-the-scenes post

Working on a special project? Working on location? Gathering research for a new product or service? Share it! Weekly behind the scenes posts tend work well for small businesses so don’t be afraid to share.


6. Create a poll or question post

Use a weekly post to create a post to question your audience. Not only does this have fantastic engagement statistics, you can also use it to judge where your audience might want to see in your next product or service.


7. Share social proof

People love to see testimonials or proof that other have already brought and trust in your products. Create a post or story to share a few words form a previously happy customer or client. Tag them in your post for even more engagement from their followers!


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